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When I dance I feel the contributions of every person and moment that has touched my life.  Dance is a way to experience the chaotic pace, the numbing stillness, the devastating losses, the thrilling wins, and all of the in-betweens that create the emotion of each day. Dance allows me to revisit and indulge in moments that might be lost.  In the most intimate way, it allows me to dissect moments and attempt to understand them.


Traveling the world is my other passion and my most important education.  Experiencing other cultures better defines wants and needs in my life and informs my decisions for using movement within choreography.  My movement interests range from athletic, fast, and furious to soft and still.  I cherish the freedom and challenge of exploring movement range and genre.  Ultimately, I like to explore the idea of spectacle.  I let my imagination run wild, allowing myself to have an unlimited vision for a new work, and then I figure out how/if I can actually do it.  


Though the shape and the form of my movement may change and evolve with each day, the simple reason for making the dance remains – to explore and celebrate the beauty of being a flawed human.  It is one thing we all share and to which we all relate.  


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