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Photo: Courtesy of Callie Chapman


Kathleen Nasti (she, her, hers) is a dance professional located in New England.  As a dancer, she started her career in NYC and performed across the US and abroad.  Her choreographic work has been presented on stages across the Northeast.  She is a Professor of Dance and has worked in several colleges in the Tri-State and New England area and abroad.  In dance and choreography, she enjoys story-telling through movement and playing across different dance genres.  The result tends to resemble a mash-up of ballet, modern and Broadway-style jazz.  The movement is big, athletic, musical and has a sense of humor.  In addition to her choreographic work, she loves organizing community and artistic events and programs that bring people together.


Selected Press

"Kat Nasti's dance troupe gave a dynamic performance and used Stephen Petrilli's lighting design to create strong dramatic effects."

-Kelly May, Edge Media Network, 2017

"the dance’s composition kept my interest."

-Marcia B. Siegel. Artsfuse, 2018


"Kat Nasti’s sextet “as we begin and end” had sculptural depth and a lyrical sense of flow, especially as the women crisscrossed the stage in fluttery barefoot bourrées, as if carried by the wind. They did a terrific job with Nasti’s off-center shapes and quick shifts of dynamics and weight."

-Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe, 2016

"Kathleen Nasti's team of brilliance ravish through a tragic-comedy of feminism - an introspective exploration of girl, wife, mother, woman - THIS IS A MUST SEE!"

-Lara Tinari, TOC Project, 2016

"While I love the concept - there is nothing average about "The Glorious Mediocre!" Kathleen Nasti's culminating show following an obviously fruitful 5 week choreographic residency at the Boston Center for the Arts. Talk about stunning, hilarious, engaging, thought provoking, not to mention subliming beautiful, evocative and funny, funny, funny! "

-Mary McCarthy, Chairperson at The Dance Complex, 2016




Kathleen Nasti 2021

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