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Cottage Street Elementary School Eco-Artist in Residence: Jean Appolon

Cottage Street Elementary School Eco-Artist in Residence: Jean Appolon

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I spent 2018 and 2019 working in Sharon Public schools using dance to connect kids to environmental responsibility.  We threw a dance party in the cafeteria, letting kids showcase their best moves and learn some fun songs and dances about composting while learning how to perform a waste audit.  

For Earth Day, I worked with Jean Appolon and his group of talented musicians to teach the kids about the global impact from the waste we create.  Jean taught K-5 students Haitian dance and led discussions that touched everything form what language is spoken in Haiti to how our trash is connected to life in Haiti.

This year I am excited to begin a new project, inspired by one of my favorite youth memories, that introduces K-12 students to the 21st century arts landscape and conversation.  


"Through a carefully manicured performance experience and discussion, students are introduced to the breadth of the 21st century arts landscape.  They become fluent in language across a scope of aesthetics and global art forms and develop criteria for viewing, consuming and valuing artistic forms, as well as develop practical skillsets and confidence in entering a range of arts facilities and experiences, conversing about the arts, and understanding the arts as a “skill in scholarship and learning,” so every artistic experience is recognized as valuable and accessible."

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