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Sustaining Concert Dance in a Free Market

June 2015

To be presented at a later date

*Selected to be presented at CORD/SDHS 2015 Conference in Athens, however, due to unforseen family circumstances, I was not able to make the trip.    


MFA Thesis:  The Shape and Form of South Korea's Twenty-First Century Dance Landscape

December, 2013

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee  

CORD/SDHS Conference 2014, University of Iowa



National Association of Women MBAs: National Conference Case Competition Winner

October 2008

Team leader for Lehigh University case competition team. Won $3000 cash award for marketing plan for 2009 National Leadership Conference.



Reliability and Validity of Goniometric Turnout Measurements Compared with MRI and Retro-­Reflective Markers

Authors: Grossman, Gayanne; Waninger, Kevin N.; Voloshin, Arkady; Reinus, William R.; Ross, Rachael; Stoltzfus, Jill; Bibalo-Nasti, Kathleen

Source: Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, Volume 12, Number 4, October 2008 , pp. 142-­ 152(11)

Publisher: J. Michael Ryan Publishing Inc.




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